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Mary Walkley Vocal Studios
Desc: The Mary Walkley Vocal Studios teach speech level singing in Florida. Site includes profile, vocal technique and contact info.
Desc: Operaplus helps young classically trained singers, through lessons and courses, in their aim to reach the professional stage. The site provides a regular update of the activities of the organisation.
Your Voice Teacher
Desc: Voice lessons offered in speech level singing. This technique claims fame to 97 Grammy winners and 4 Metropolitan Opera winners.
Magno Vocal Dynamics
Desc: Introduces new concept of teaching singing based on developing the real person. Technically, the accent is on naturalness of muscle structure.
Russian Opera and Chamber Vocal Master Class
Desc: Voice lessons and master classes of Russian Classical Romances (Art Songs, Lieders) and Russian Opera parts and arias for the opera singers and chamber (lieder) vocalists and pianists.
Maggie Vaughan Voice Studio
Desc: Voice lessons offered for all levels, adults and children. Individual and group lessons available. Los Angeles location.
Etude for the Scale of all Majors
Desc: Practice singing any major scale with automatic MIDI piano backing.
Roger Burnley's Vocal Coaching
Desc: Singing and Vocal Instruction, all levels, beginners to professionals, in the Los Angeles area. Get a training video tape for singers and vocalists of all levels.
Desc: Resource for your music needs. Contains links to glossaries, lyrics, karaoke, music education, and more. For Phoenix, AZ area residents, contact me for vocal performance and music instruction needs.
Alan Bowers
Desc: A voice teacher's look at the interplay between mind and body.
Sing! Virtual Voice Lessons
Desc: Lessons on breath support, registration, etc. and career tips for pop singers. Helpful books and CDs. Jonnie's Charity for kids with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).
Tona de Brett
Desc: Information and contact details for London singing teacher Tona de Brett.
Stephanie Samaras
Desc: New York City-based Voice Teacher, Vocal Clinician, and Performer specializing in singing lessons for the Pop or Broadway performer.
Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing
Desc: ANATS is a professional association of Australian singing teachers, voice scientists and people interested in the science and art of voice production in all forms of vocal performance.
The John Henny Vocal Studio
Desc: Learn the Speech Level Singing method with a Seth Riggs Associate. Students of this vocal technique have won over 100 Grammys. Site features sample voice lessons, contact information. Private studio in Pasadena, CA.
Classical Music Conservatory
Desc: Classical Music Conservatory. We offer high quality instruction in most instruments, voice, composition, theory, history and culture, and music appreciation in the Toronto area.
New York Singing Teachers' Association
Desc: A non-profit professional organization. Annual activities include lectures, master classes, and performances by experts from the arts and sciences. Find a voice teacher using our referral list.
Dr. David Fairchild Vocal Studios
Desc: Complete vocal instruction in NYC and Eastchester, NY. All styles taught and coached. Also theory and sight-singing, piano and voice therapy.
Gilbertson, Brian: Voice teacher
Desc: International singer of opera and contemporary popular. Trained in Vienna. Gives workshops and masterclasses at universities and conservatoires. Get a singing tip each week at this site.
Desc: CD with piano accompaniments to 99 exercises for voice lessons and practicing at home. Site in German and English.
Deb's Music Instruction & Performing Service
Desc: Lessons for all ages, perform for all occasions, by Debbie Klobuchar.
Vocal Stylings by Lisa Cushing
Desc: Vocal coach, recording sessions.
Desc: Vocal tuition with Sybil Esmore, one of Europe's leading vocal (singing & dialogue) coaches. All styles, all levels, from punk to opera. Based in London, England.
Bob Corff's Voice Studio
Desc: Singers' and speakers' audio courses.
Touch Of Soul Productions
Desc: A vocal coaching/songwriting instruction/record production company based in the Boston, Massachusetts area.
Solo and Choral Singing Courses
Desc: John Huw Davies solo and choral singing courses, featuring both weekend and summer school programs. Biographical details and dates/venues for courses are given for 2001 and 2002.
Sanctuary Music Ministries
Desc: Voice Lessons / Singing Lessons, all levels, with christian music lesson plans for performance and recording.
Vicki Sunday
Desc: Voice teacher and vocal coach with 25 years experience offering singing lessons and instruction for beginners, intermediate, and professionals in Long Island, New York.
Guy Babusek Vocal Studio
Desc: Vocal studio located in Orange County, California specializing in the Speech-Level-Singing technique, developed by Seth Riggs.
Brenda Carol Vocal Lessons
Desc: Contemporary jazz and progressive vocalist/recording artist, Brenda Carol provides private [in studio] voice lessons, training, coaching and theory classes. All styles of music - All Ages.
Enjoyable Singing Lessons
Desc: Singing lessons with a pro singer of over 9 years experience. Lessons conducted in a professional recording studio.