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In the '70s came the first explosion of free fall mayhem known as punk. Simple music, three chord guitar and a rebellious approach to music. This genre has seen many incarnations since the Sex Pistols, each one a little different from the original but each in it's own right...punk.


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Punk Zone
Desc: Music source site with punk MP3s, video clips, news, guitar tabs and Internet radio station links.
World Wide Punk
Desc: Internet punk directory, listing thousands of bands, record labels, zines, and radio shows. Also reviews and interviews.
Desc: Links to Dutch and international bands, punk MP3 sites, newsgroups, punk labels and places to chat.
MP3 Punk.net
Desc: MP3s, bootlegs, local bands, FTP database and email.
Desc: Large collection of punk band and label information, with reviews, scene information, news, reviews and lyrics.
Flex - US Punk And Hardcore Discography
Desc: A punk discography with over 4000 records reviewed.
Punk Is Dead
Desc: Band news, a spotlight, feature pages on bands like Screeching Weasel, Bad Religion, Crass, Rudimentary Peni and others.
Punk Island
Desc: A punk site with biographies, pictures, links, news and downloads. Showcasing a lot of bands such as Anti-Flag, Green Day, MXPX, Mr. T Experience, The Living End, Rancid, Homegrown, Blink-182 and The Ataris.
Anomalies Anonymous
Desc: A site about punk and music in general. Featuring Sex Pistols, Nirvana, The Clash and others.
Punk Information Directory
Desc: Resource attempting to document the past 25 years of punk music, with band discographies and links to MP3s, labels, record stores and mail order sites.
Spirit Of Punk Band List
Desc: Punk band listing and a music site guide.
Punk Will Never Die
Desc: A site dedicated to pop-punk, ska-punk and old school bands, with lyrics, news and band biographies. [English/Italian]
Desc: Ian Harper's home page. Photographs of The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, Damned, X, Buzzcocks and other early punk bands. With information about the bands photographed.
Desc: Created to guide you through the murky waters of punk reissue compilations. With a searchable and continually-updated database of old and rare punk reissues.
Punk OnLine
Desc: Punk MP3s by bands such as The Ramones, Green Day, Bad Religion, Pennywise and others. [English/Italian]
Desc: For fans of punk rock music and extreme sports.
UK82 - British Punk Rock of the Eighties
Desc: British and Irish punk music, video, lyrics, photos and discographies.
Fox Punks
Desc: Full albums and downloadable MP3s, plus some South African punk, video clips, lyrics and pictures.
Punk Bands
Desc: Contains pictures, flyers and links of punk bands including NoFX and Propagandhi.
Desc: A fast and loud punk broadcast from Canada in Windows Media Player format.
Nonstop Pop
Desc: A site with mini-sites for the Go-Betweens, Bis, Coloring Book and former Slits/Raincoats drummer Palmolive.
Desc: Zipped punk rock MP3s and launch.com broadcast.
Desc: Hosts official band sites, official message boards (Catch 22, Shai Hulud, MxPx, AAA), chatroom, polls, articles and free e-mail.
Break My Face
Desc: An archive site dedicated to early punk rock bands (like Bad Brains, AK-47, The Huns, Really Red and The Weirdos) and music.
Desc: Top site list for Punk sites.
NastyPunx Webring
Desc: Collection of linked sites about punk.
Punk Fix
Desc: Interviews, reviews and articles on all things punk.
Punx United
Desc: Band profiles and show dates.
Punk Page
Desc: Link directory to punk sites organized by bands, zines and stores. Also has news and MP3s.
Spock Rock
Desc: Links to emo, indie, punk bands and record labels.
Punk Rock For Girls
Desc: A site in Italian about punk rock bands, some which feature female band members.
Book Your Own Fuckin' Life
Desc: A worldwide resource guide for the punk and hardcore DIY community.
Desc: Search engine and directory for the punk music scene. Includes bands, labels, MP3s, news, radio, tabs and e-zines.
Desc: A site dedicated to punks of all shapes, sizes and beliefs. We specialize in old school and oi/streetpunk music and information. Also featuring b-movie reviews, MP3s and DIY tips.
House of the Rising Punk
Desc: A comprehensive listing of punk websites from around the world.
Desc: Provides links to the DIY punk communities all over the globe.
Place Of Refuge
Desc: Link pages for punk-related sites, internet punk radio and punk bands. Also contains anarchism and atheism links and personal pictures.
321 Punk
Desc: Biographies, discographies, lyrics, tabs, pictures and downloads from bands like Bad Religion, Offspring, Pennywise, Dead Milkmen and The Vandals.
Desc: News, discussion board and band links.
Punk Rock Finder
Desc: Source to find bands, labels, MP3s, discographies and other punk information.
Desc: News, reviews and album release dates.
Desc: Release dates, Web radio stations, show reviews, interviews, non-biased interactive CD reviews and a forum for loud people.
Punk Rock Rules
Desc: Band information on The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, such as lyrics, pictures and news.
Punk, Ska, Hardcore and Rapcore
Desc: A general site that has information on MxPx, Less Than Jake, P.O.D., punk, ska, hardcore, rapcore and MP3s.
Desc: Punk community network and label with an online store, tour dates, photos, reviews, interviews, biographies and links for hundreds of band sites.
Punk V3
Desc: Informational site featuring guitar tabs, RealAudio clips, MP3s, band biographies, tour dates, pictures, flyers and links.
New Schooland
Desc: A resource for underground new school punk information with band profiles and CD reviews.
Killed By Hype
Desc: The main focus of this site is 1977-83 punk rock. The site also contains track listings and reviews of the Bloodstains and Killed By Death type compilations.
The International Discography of the American New Wave by Henry Weld
Desc: From the introduction, "The aim of this project is to compile concise, correct information about punk records from America in the years 1976 to 1983."
Capitol Board Room
Desc: Search over 550 punk/hardcore bands from the database, add/view tour dates and search by labels.
Japan Punk Project
Desc: A knowledge base for Japanese punk and hardcore music. Band information, news, reviews, labels and distributors. Site is in English.
New Wave and Punk Listing
Desc: A listing of 70's new wave and punk bands in the United Kingdom with selected scans of album and single covers.
Punk Rock Reviews.com
Desc: Reviews of all things punk including books, magazines and music.
Desc: A pop punk resource with contests, MP3s, a chat room and merchandise.
Desc: "Another Anarchopunk Resource" Makes rare recordings available in RealAudio-format.
Punk Rock 007
Desc: Pages on some old school bands like Black Flag, The Exploited, Subhumans (UK) and Dead Kennedys. Site has MP3s, discographies, sound clips and links.
Punk Rock Tablature
Desc: Tablature for NoFX, No Use For A Name, Bad Religion, Pulley, Lagwagon and other Southern California style punk bands.
Mod '79 and Power Pop-Punk
Desc: A collection of discographies and biographies of power pop, mod '79 and punk rock bands from '77 to '83, including many pictures and album sleeves.
Punk Junk.net
Desc: Punk site with band pages, including ones on the Offspring, Bad Religion, AFI, Blink 182and NoFX. Site also has MP3s, tabs and lyrics.
Punk Logos
Desc: Over 100 images of band logos and MP3s of punk bands.
Punk Rock World
Desc: Band information, select lyrics, tabs, MP3s and tour dates of mostly Italian with some world wide punk bands and related styles of music.
We Don't Care
Desc: Band information, reviews, links, tour dates, news, interviews, games, MP3s and other information related to pop-punk and punk rock music.
A Tim Yohannan Memorial
Desc: A memorial for Timmy Yo!, the longtime editor of Maximumrocknroll, who passed away of cancer April 3, 1998.
Repeat Offender
Desc: Prank calls and punk rock smorgasborg. Featuring east coast show listings, music reviews and immature humor.
Punk Portal
Desc: A link index with sections highlighting bands, fanzines, record labels and local scenes.
Marko's New Wave Bootleg Encyclopaedia
Desc: A listing with information on bootlegs of punk, new wave and alternative rock bands.
Hammer Productions
Desc: Owned by Terry Hammer, who specializes in working with hardcore punk and reggae bands. A longtime member of the punk community, this site has some historical perspective.
Old School Punk Sounds
Desc: Features samples of hard to find Records and live shows. Includes "Screams from the Gutter" punk radio show, links and old flyers.
Punk, Ska and Hardcore
Desc: This site provides pictures, tabs and MP3s of Pennywise, Dead Kennedys and Ataris.
Desc: Featuring informations on punk bands, reviews, streaming audio, and links.

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