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Alternative Rock

A catch-all phrase which refers to non-main stream music starting from the early '80s onwards.


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digital Music Nation, Alternative Music Websites Portal
Desc: Links; downloadable songs (wav files, Liquid Audio, Liquid Music Network.)
About.com: Alternative Music GuideSite
Desc: Arabella Clauson's links to alternative and modern rock sites; reviews, interviews.
Desc: Offering an eclectic selection of indie music reviews, best-of-year lists and CDs available for purchase from their label.
The Guardian: Top Alternative
Desc: News network's guide to the top 100 alternative albums ever.
Desc: A page about Alternative music, with sections on Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Cake lyrics, an extensive report on The Music Industry.
Alternative Addiction
Desc: Alternative Music: new singles, unknown bands, and rare music.
A Modern Alternative Multimedia Journey
Desc: A rock/modern alternative/ambient/house/world beat multimedia presentation. Downloadable music, video and images for you.
Alt. Kingdom
Desc: Links to 70+ bands, including official sites, fan sites, and mailing lists.
Desc: Directory guide from 4anything.com
The Symphony Of Noises
Desc: A site about alternative music, like the Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Joy Division, featuring news, rare graphics, rare guitar tabs, MP3.
Fifth Dream Today
Desc: Features Switchblade Symphony, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Prick, author Poppy Z. Brite, Vampyres, and original writings in the 'zine Intestinal Noises & Poetry.
Desc: A guide to indie rock from 4anything.com
#1 For Coolest new Music
Desc: Hear and buy signed white label CDs from the coolest new acts before they hit the shops.
The Knowledge
Desc: Featuring labels, bands, news, sales, interviews, reviews, gigs, soundclips, music careers info, competitions and free membership.
EuroRanch Music
Desc: Music related Weblog and Sounds. Music-samples in mp3 and realaudio.
PopEx Free Music Trading
Desc: Fantasy music share trading game. Buy and sell shares in your favourite bands, then reap the dividends when they make the news.
Mustard Only Music
Desc: Official site of the music label. Includes photographs, lyrics, news, and a biography of the head of the company.
Desc: Featuring MP3s, new music, free artist promotion, a large selection of CDs, reviews, news, interviews, weekly Hot 30 chart, links to band sites, internet radio station and free email.
New Alternative Flava
Desc: A punk/metal/crossover/hip-hop site with band information, guitar tabs, music news, pictures, and downloads. Featuring bands like KoRn, LimpBizkit, Incubus, CypressHill, Greenday, and other similar bands.
Internet Music That Rocks
Desc: Information and music from a small group of independent artists, such as Alex James Muscat, Rainbow Flava, 503 Holding and Fleeting Trance. MP3s, biographies and news.
Alternative Music Site
Desc: A directory of Alternative Music sites: Bands, Reviews, News, Tours, Concerts, Festivals, Radiostations, Lyrics.
Desc: Official site of Australian band with news, tour details, photos and RealAudio.
American Icon
Desc: Includes a biography, Real Audio clips, tour dates, pictures and news.
Desc: Indie music resource, with interviews, reviews, band profiles, downloads, store, and links.
Desc: Independent music site, with artst profiles, downloads, links, radio streams, video clips, zine, and news.
Origin of Emo
Desc: Traces the origin of the emo genre, with references and shopping links.
Take A Nap
Desc: A growing database of introspective and introverted musical artists such as Hayden, Howie Beck, Elliott Smith, Lisa Germano.
SoYouWanna.com - Indie Rock
Desc: A sometimes tongue-in-cheek view of how to look and act the part of a serious indie rock fan. With pointers to labels and books to study, genre history, and general advice.
Dead Rock Stars
Desc: information on dead generation x musicians with links to the top information sites
Desc: 1 mini MIDI Jam a Day by Stergios Kottas. It's a daily free concert. It's a music calendar.
Inside Indie Music
Desc: Offers independent musician resources as well as music, reviews, and interviews from a variety of bands within the genre.
Alternative MP3 site
Desc: Alternative MP3 site with industrial, alt rock, krautrock and lo-fi MP3s
Women of Alternative Music
Desc: Summarises the alternative music careers of ten women, with a top ten based on the criteria of talent, success, and originality.
Current/Independent Music
Desc: Dedicated to the promotion of independent music. Features reviews and interviews.

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