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Desc: Over 500 Midi files from artists all over the world.
Free MIDI Zone
Desc: Midi files, software, tutorials and releated resources.
Desktop Music.com
Desc: Large selection of professional MIDI files and MIDI file compilation albums. Download with online payment.
MIDI Mania
Desc: Contains rock, pop, bluegrass, country, movie themes, Metallica, and oldies.
Broadway MIDI
Desc: Approximately 4200 MIDI files from musicals, movies, opera/operettas. Also includes holiday themes and classical music.
The Sound of Mathematics
Desc: Algorithmic music determined by mathematics and by the musical preferences of a human.
Captain Daves Not Here-Free MIDI Site
Desc: Free MIDIs, backgrounds, classifieds, and graphics.
Desc: 1000 files include Beatles, Bluegrass, Big Band, Christmas Songs, Country, Patriotic Songs, Ragtime, Rock, and Spiritual.
Ultimate MIDI File Collection
Desc: A wide variety of files categorized for ease of browsing.
Super MIDI Site
Desc: Beatles, Metallica, Classical, and TV themes.
Tribute To Motown
Desc: Sinatra tribute, motown tribute, free midi Music.
Public Domain Music Sequenced by Benjamin Robert Tubb
Desc: Features classical, folk, hymns, Stephen Foster and other 19th-century composers; some original compositions.
Planet MIDI
Desc: Large archive and resources site. Including MIDI files sorted by band, television show, movie, and video game.
MIDI World
Desc: 903 legal MIDI files for download. Links, MIDI Composers World, and MIDI Exchange.
MIDI Sing Along Songbook
Desc: Favorite nostalgic sing along MIDI songs with lyrics, in an enjoyable songbook format.
Jeanie's Homepage
Desc: Numerous MIDI files of different categories.
Desc: Categorized library of over 15000 MIDI songs including broadway musical, jazz, pop and rock, national anthems, movie and T.V. themes.
Dan's Music
Desc: Collection of MIDI files, including originals from Dan. Styles include Christian, jazz, and oldies.
Desc: Large selection sorted by style, then band. Sound fonts. Uploads accepted.
Kinnear's MIDI Archive
Desc: Hundreds of MIDI files rated and stored on site including classical, electronic, and movie themes.
The MIDI Connection
Desc: Large collection of high quality MIDIs. Including rock, pop, jazz, easy listening, Beatles, Star Trek and Star Wars.
MIDI Delight
Desc: Easy to navigate site features several music genres.
The CyberDen MIDI Hell
Desc: RPG, original, and other MIDI files.
Desc: Thousands of MIDI files (some available in ZIP packs).Updated several times a week.
Desc: Classical and other music files to download in Sibelius, MIDI, MP3 and GIF formats.
Vic's World Sounds & Graphics
Desc: Pop, rock, dance, and movie themes targeted for webmasters.
Relaxing piano music
Desc: 20 MIDI music files.
Mystiqal's Music Room
Desc: Hundreds of quality rock and pop files, some rare.
MIDI Vault
Desc: Collection of over 200 quality MIDI files sorted by artist, includes also some TV and movie themes songs.
Jackson992's Broadway MIDI
Desc: Songs recorded on a Yamaha PSR 340 keyboard including Broadway, oldies, and country.
The MIDI Farm Internet.
Desc: Over 15,000 searchable files including information, news and links.
Jerry's Eclectic Jukebox
Desc: Features MIDI classics, from folk and traditional to jazz and classic country.
The Midis Palace
Desc: Files cover television, video games, and classical and popular music. Sorted alphabetically.
Dani's Dream
Desc: MIDIs, links of musician and screensavers, and software.
Music World
Desc: A collection of MIDI variety.
Desc: MIDI music, games, chat and variety.
Play It Again Midis
Desc: Hundreds of files sorted by artist and title, including television and movie themes.
Goodrens MIDI Haven
Desc: MIDIs collection includes movies, television, various artists, holidays, and big bands.
Midi Ramp
Desc: A few rock, heavy metal, pop, and country MIDI songs.
MIDI Songs On Demand
Desc: Search new and old songs.
Angel's MIDI Site
Desc: Offers rock and country MIDI files by various artist.
Desc: Constantly changing selection of pop, rock, R&B, and rap music files.
Dean's MIDI and Pictures Center
Desc: MIDIs for download are listed alphabetically, on this multi-purpose website.
Gene's Smooth MIDI Files
Desc: Orchestral arrangements of old pop, movie, and classical music. Also some original works.
Desc: MIDI (largest section, lots of game MIDIs), MP3 (tapesides--where the webmaster takes a tape machine to school and collects sounds), MODs, and WAVs.
Desc: Over 2500 rock and pop files.
Sparky's Top 250 Midi Downloads
Desc: Screened great sounding MIDI selections from rock, themes, pop, and country.
The McCoin's Oldies Music Site
Desc: MIDI files of old rock, Scottish, Irish, Israeli, Southern Confederacy and hymns.
Rock and Jazz MIDIs
Desc: Inspirational rock and jazz MIDI files.
MIDI Tunes
Desc: Rock, pop, and country MIDIs from the 50s and early 60s.
Listen Up with Sharon Kay
Desc: Offers a large collection of MIDIs with animation.
Desc: Search engine for MIDI sites and files, as well as message board community support for composers.
Midi Music Page
Desc: A small but growing collection of favorite rock and pop MIDI music. Quality music for hours of listening.
The Midi Connection
Desc: Pop and rock files listed by artist.
Georgie's Midis Midis and More Midis
Desc: Over 1000 MIDI files in 21 categories like pop, metal, alternative, folk, jazz, Christian, rap, and boogie.
WillyVal's Home
Desc: Nice collection, includes, jazz, blues, big band, and top 40 selections.
Lee's MIDI Music Lounge
Desc: Over 1,000 high-quality song files spanning various musical styles. Each song comes with lyrics and short discographic notes.
Computer Support Corporation
Desc: All for the net, all from the net. Over 1700 MIDI files of all genres, sorted by artist.
The Ultimate Reference in MIDI Files
Desc: Various types of files which includes modern, classical, Arabic, national anthems, and movie themes.
Desc: More than 1700 free MIDIs with Seuquencers' permisson to use them.
Desc: Pop, soundtrack, and Christmas files.
The Melodious MIDI
Desc: Classical, rock, folk, religious, and other MIDI music.
Christeen's Place MIDIs
Desc: Over 1300 MIDI files including country, oldies, rock and roll, childrens, christmas, jazz, blues, spiritual, and soft rock.
Free MIDIs for your web page
Desc: Dozens of files of movies, television, and bluegrass to liven up your home page.
MIDI Mania
Desc: Thousands of MIDI files and XG MIDI files for download.
MIDIs - Annie to Zorba
Desc: Over 400 MIDIs from various artists and varieties.
Da 2ru Clan Midi Page
Desc: Over 100 free pop, rock, and hip hop MIDI files on three servers, with useful links.
MIDI Central
Desc: Hundreds of MIDI files including every Beatles album.
GaryW0001's MIDI and Utilities Libraries
Desc: Some MIDI files free, while some require paid membership. Utilities libraries and MIDI sequences including: big band, musicals, T.V. and movie themes, marches and seasonal.
The MIDI Machine
Desc: A large collection of MIDI files from many styles of music, including pop, oldies, rock, christian, and classical.
MIDI files for accompaniment of flute sonata practice
Desc: MIDI versions of the accompaniment parts to selected flute and piccolo music for use in practicing when a pianist is not at hand.
SpockFu's MIDI Madness
Desc: Classical, television, movie, oldies, Christian, Christmas, Broadway, original, jazz, children's, and other MIDIs.
Angels Midi Site
Desc: A variety of styles and artists including pop, rock, country, Elvis, and The Beatles.
Ben's House O'MIDI
Desc: A few pop and rock MIDI files.
MIDI Sound Lab
Desc: A huge database of MIDI sound files which are free to download. Includes todays and classic hits, movie and TV themes.
Desc: Almost 100 MIDI files from before 1925, like Paper Doll, Hello ma Baby, and Ain't We Got Fun. Read the lyrics to each song while the file plays in the background.
Desc: Categories include bluegrass, country, classical, holiday, and jazz.
Ultimate DJ Sound Page
Desc: Small collection of MIDIs and short WAVs, described by submitter as a "parody, satire site for professional DJs."
Music Fanatic's Download Center
Desc: Large collection of MIDI files for download.
Teddy's MIDI Page
Desc: Features Teddy's collection of old school R&B MIDIs, and also the latest Top 40 MIDI files.
MIDI, Audio, and WAV Dome
Desc: Rock, Pop, Rap, Techno, Disco, Neue Deutsche Welle, Classical, international, popular and classic Turkish, New Age. Frequent updates.
Desc: Files from American and Japanese pop artists, with some classical and video game files thrown in.
The Music of J.B. Lemire
Desc: 100 MIDI files and PDF scores of the work of J.B. Lemire.
Carey's All-Time Popular Midis
Desc: A few dozen files from famous pop groups. Also has guitar tablature.
Chloe's Stuff
Desc: Crescendo-formatted MIDIs. With pictures: bluegrass, Abba, Beatles. Classical. Jukebox pages: Elvis, Rock, Creedence, Unchained Melody. E-mail friends MIDIs with lake effect scenes. Seasonal pages.
MIDI Archive
Desc: MIDI archive with zipped files of pop rock, karaoke, movies, christmas, games, and guitar MIDIs.
MIDI Madness
Desc: 1000s of MIDI files available for your listening pleasure.
TinyDancer's Realm of Magical Midi Music
Desc: Free rock, pop, and classic songs, listed alphabetically by title.
Midi Madness
Desc: Up to date pop, dance and techno tunes, listed by artist. Constantly updated.
NativeFlair Oldies 1954 - 1984
Desc: Oldies music lists by title, artist, or year with free downloadable MIDI files. Features artists like The Beatles, Elvis, and Neil Diamond.
My Midi Files!
Desc: Old and new pop files, sorted by title.
Matonaxe Midi & Audio
Desc: Home of the Matonaxe Live Drums Soundfont. 1000 MIDI files to download, mostly pop and rock, sorted by artist.
Plenty Midis
Desc: Many files sorted by styles as pop and rock, Jazz, lite rock, country, cajun, ragtime, and dixieland.
Vinny's MIDI Music Place
Desc: This site contains a collection of oldies songs from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.
Free Midis
Desc: Small collection of downloads. Includes pop, rock, and rap.
Simply Music - Stop and Listen
Desc: Selection of music files includes Disney, country, and rap.
Cool Midis
Desc: Several dozen oldies and love songs.
Midi Jukebox Collection
Desc: Mostly pop and rock selections, with some movie, television, Christmas, and Scottish files.
Desc: Movie, television, video game, classical, and pop MIDI files, most with extensive descriptions.
Easy Midi Site
Desc: Wide selection covers Christian, Christmas, pop, rock, movies, television, and patriotic music.
Desc: Free MIDI files to use on your web site. Over 100 files of all types.
Maoi's MIDI Collection
Desc: Collection arranged by genre and artist, with both OPM and foreign MIDI songs.
Eugene's MIDI Collection
Desc: Files include rock, pop, movie themes, and Russian music.
Jen's MIDI Archive
Desc: Archive containing hip hop, pop, rock, and television theme music.
Jenn's MIDI Paradise
Desc: Alphabetized collection of MIDIs. E-postcard links.
Idgit's Music
Desc: Classical, country, pop, Christmas, and light rock files.
Desc: Broad range of files includes dance, country, television, movies, Christmas, and classical. Site search engine is provided.
Midi Music Library
Desc: Collection of listening music in five major categories: assorted, bluegrass and country, new age, r&b, and rock. Also includes links to more MIDI sites.
Desc: Free pop, rock, movie, and video game MIDI music.
Andy's MIDI
Desc: Movie soundtrack and video game music.
MIDIBuddy - The Home of your Favorite MIDI Files!
Desc: Updated frequently with the latest hits. Pop and rock MIDI files are sorted alphabetically by artist.
CoolMIDI by Tebrino
Desc: Hundreds of popular MIDI files sorted in alphabetical order, in an easy-to-use interface.
Hands on Midi
Desc: A range of professionally programmed GM/GS songs, with lyrics, melodies, and a full instrument range.
Desc: Over 200 MIDI files free for personal use. Contains oldies, modern, movie themes, television, classical, and children's favorites.
Groovy Sounds of the 60's
Desc: Over 200 Classic Rock, Big Band, and Christian MIDI files, includes list of links to other MIDI sites.
Midi Mania
Desc: Hundreds of free pop, rock, and classical MIDI files.
Desc: Over 8000 MIDI files in categories like pop, television, wrestling, games, classical, and musicals. Quick navigation.
A Century Of Midi Musical Memories
Desc: Files of all genres, sorted by decade.
Triskelion: music for the soul
Desc: Dedicated to romance and love. Features a broad selection of romantic MIDI mood music for all ages.
MelodyLab Technology
Desc: Specializes in writing music for artists, performers, movies, television shows, and advertising.
Denis Roy's MIDI files.
Desc: Well-organized collection of files in the pop and rock flavor.
massive free midi files
Desc: Classic rock, movies, television shows, and themes.
Organ Jazz
Desc: Free midi files and videos.
Funkville MIDI Collection
Desc: Funkville offers funksongs in midi format, easy to download and free.

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