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Argentina Pressings
Desc: Rare and deleted items from South America.
Canny Music
Desc: Selection of discounted vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes.
CD Africa
Desc: Music sales from South Africa.
Desc: Australian collector selling vinyl and CDs.
Desc: Rock and pop collectibles, 70s and 80s records, tapes, videos, tour memorabilia. Located in the UK.
Collecting Music AS
Desc: New and collectable vinyl and CDs for sale from Norway.
Compagnie du Disque
Desc: French record shop selling vinyl and CDs.
Daedalus Books and Music
Desc: Selection of CDs in classical, jazz, opera, swing, world, and blues.
Diaz Records
Desc: French site offering CDs and vinyl, covering many different styles of music.
Disc Exchange
Desc: Store and mail-order information for this Knoxville, Tenn., based independent retailer.
Desc: Offers CD sales of independent music and artists.
eBay Music
Desc: Buy and sell cassettes, records, CDs, and other formats.
Electric Shock
Desc: Mail order of music rarities on vinyl and CD from France.
Fantastic Plastic
Desc: UK record company, and indie music specialist.
Go Super Cool
Desc: Records, CDs, books, art, and other objects. Record collection articles, unique sounds, and pictures.
Golden Oldies Records
Desc: Sells vinyl records and CDs. Based in Seattle, Washington and ships internationally.
Horizons Records
Desc: Sells new and used CDs, cassettes, and LPs. Inventory of over 2 million items.
In and Out Records
Desc: Offering overstock, out of print, promo CDs and collectable CDs from Austria.
Martin Records
Desc: Inventory of 50,000 items from the 1940s to the 1980s including LPs, 45s, 78s, sheet music, songbooks, posters, magazines, tapes, and books.
Matts CD Singles
Desc: Over 10,000 rare and deleted CD singles.
Matt's Records
Desc: Site for music, specializing in vinyl and CDs.
Desc: CDs, vinyl, and music DVDs from Sweden.
Desc: Hard to find compact discs. New or used.
Music Connection
Desc: Mail order for compact discs of Jazz, Classical, and World music. A division of New Note Limited, a UK independent record distributor.
Music Millennium
Desc: Over 300,000 titles available for purchase online in CD, tape and vinyl.
Desc: UK-based internet music market place with items from many sellers.
Piccadilly Records
Desc: Manchester shop offering vinyl and CDs.
Public Radio MusicSource
Desc: Source for buying music heard on public radio.
Red Eye Records
Desc: Offers new and used collectable recorded music items. Based in Sydney, Australia.
Rockhouse Music Mail Express
Desc: Holland-based, started in 1973, over 800,000 items available.
Scarce Tunes
Desc: New and secondhand CDs, based in Australia, specialising in rare items and imports.
Secret Records
Desc: Selling a selection of music DVDs and CDs from the UK.
Desc: Stock includes good quality back catalogue vinyl, CDs, and cassettes as well as sheet music, pop annuals and related books.
SL Records
Desc: Swedish seller of new and secondhand vinyl records, CDs, tapes, music books and accessories for the record collector.
Soul Seduction
Desc: Music for the active listener. CDs and vinyl from Austria.
Desc: Los Angeles based online record store. Vinyl records, CDs, and music DVDs.
Top Five Records
Desc: Vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes, and music video for sale from Sweden,
8T8T Shop
Desc: Music CDs and DVDs from China.
Vinyl Solution
Desc: Vinyl, CDs and cassettes, all styles of music. Full on-line shopping facilities.
Waterfront Records
Desc: Features Australian releases; band merchandise, CDs, DVDs, zines, books, and vinyl.
We Got Records
Desc: Selling used vinyl records and CDs from the 50s through today. Features Doowop, Rockabilly, and Soul music.
Zack's Popshop
Desc: Features Danish and promotional releases.
Zounds, Ltd.
Desc: Carries a selection of LPs, 45s and CDs from the 60’s to present, new and used. Features progressive rock.
Adrians Records
Desc: Britain: independent music store. Shop worldwide.
American Pie
Desc: Music from the 40s to the 90s. Catalog features original recordings on CD-ROM and 45 of rock, pop, country, rhythm and blues, and big band artists.
Ars Nova
Desc: Sells audiophile and collector's LP and CD recordings, via a monthly mailorder catalog: classical and jazz are specialties.
Desc: Collection of hard to find vinyl and CDs from the UK.
Barnes and Noble: Music
Desc: CDs in many genres.
B-Bop Records
Desc: New and used; rare and collectible; LPs, CDs, 45s, and music memorabilia.
British Beat Merchant Co.
Desc: Collectable records and CDs for Rock n Roll lovers.
BSC Music
Desc: CDs in a range of styles from guitar music, ambient, electronic, world, jazz to new age instrumental.
The Caped Cod
Desc: Offers new and used CDs online.
CD Plus
Desc: Canadian music store with over 200,000 titles online.
CDs and Vinyl LPs
Desc: Private collector selling and trading recordings.
Desc: Worldwide delivery, easy ordering, easy shipping. All CDs guaranteed.
The Cheap CD Store
Desc: Selling a selection of new and used CDs.
Desc: Large selection of CDs.
Collectors' Choice Music
Desc: Reissues, imports, and hard to find titles. Online ordering; 31,000 plus titles.
CVC Collectables
Desc: Import CDs, vinyl records, books, radio shows, and music videotapes and uncoded DVDs; specializing in rock and pop.
David Hawes's Records and CD
Desc: Hundreds of rare (and not so rare) vinyl and CDs for sale. New and unplayed; USA and UK locations.
Dead End Records
Desc: Selection of rare vinyl records, CDs, videos, and magazines.
Deep Discount CD
Desc: Large selection of compact discs.
Desc: Worldwide distribution, music networking, online booking, and membership discounts.
Dimple Records
Desc: Northern California's outlet for new, used and local music. Also has downloads for sale.
Desc: Music titles on DVD (regions 1, 2 and no region) including new releases and pre-owned titles.
Desc: Retailer of CDs and sheet music.
Esprit International Limited
Desc: On-line music store for new, rare and collectable vinyl records, compact discs, and memorabilia. Over 250,000 items in stock covering over six decades of music history. Offices in the UK, USA, and Japan.
Euclid Records On-line
Desc: Specializing in jazz, but offering a large selection of new and used CDs and LPs in all genres.
Desc: 600,000 titles in all formats; prices in Euros.
Forever Oldies Music
Desc: Offering music from the 50's and 60's on CD and cassette.
Global Electronic Music Marketplace
Desc: Offers CDs, vinyl records, tapes, books, and videos from sellers located throughout the world. Includes a "want" list.
Globe Records
Desc: 15,000 regional CDs, cassettes and vinyl LPs of the unusual or hard to find featuring on San Francisco Bay Area artists.
Hard to Find Recordings
Desc: Rare and discontinued recordings on CD, LP and cassette, as wall as novelties and collectibles.
Hemisphere Music
Desc: 100,000 plus collectible indie records, vinyl albums, CDs; record collecting information; rock and alternative music news.
Desc: Features a selection of CDs, DVDs, videos, books, and accessories from the UK.
Hot Platters
Desc: Vintage vinyl LPs, 45s, 78s, cassette tapes, CDs, and reel-to-reel tapes. Also paper items such as posters, press kits, and buttons. Auction and set sale.
Desc: Worldwide music mail order for rare and deleted records and CDs.
In a Groove Records
Desc: A seller and reseller of new and used music, specializing in vinyl. Thousands of collector's items and rarities as well as thousands of 45s; also tapes, CDs, and memorabilia.
Jack Ruet
Desc: Listing of over 15,000 items (CDs, vinyl, and tapes) from a French dealer.
Just for the Record
Desc: Thousands of new and used LPs and CDs, featuring audiophile and collectable records.
Desc: Australian store with many years experience selling a variety of hard-to-find CDs.
K&K Verlagsanstalt
Desc: New books and CDs from classical music to Swing.
Desc: UK based CD retailer offering top hits and a bargain bin.
MainStreet CD
Desc: Music store and record company, offering their own and other independent artists.
Mean Mountain Music
Desc: Oldie 45s, 8tracks, and CDs with music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s; rock, country, blues, surf, easy listening and doo wop. Also posters and books.
Memory Lane Records
Desc: Specialize in out of print records, tapes, and CDs. Searchable database of over 100,000 unique items in stock.
Metro City Records
Desc: Specialize in hard to find, rare, out of print CDs, LPs and cassettes.
Midnight Records
Desc: Music, CD-ROMs, vinyl, rock, roll, 50's, 60's, 70's, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Independent recordings. Collector's editions, imports, reissues and limited editions.
Mike Best CD Singles
Desc: Specialist in CD and DVD singles.
MMR Webshop
Desc: Danish shop selling new and used vinyl and CDs. Requires Java.
The Music Connection
Desc: Discount cassettes and CDs available for retail or wholesale.
Music for a Song
Desc: Over 15,000 selections including out-of-print, cutout, hard to find CDs and cassettes including Gold Discs and imports.
The Music Safe
Desc: Netherlands based CD store featuring local artists.
Desc: Selling new and used compact discs, with a few exclusive titles.
Desc: Offers a selection of music CDs.
Desc: Record store specializing in original and exclusive CD sales.
Desc: Greek music store featuring a wide range of genres.
Desc: Cut-out and out-of-print titles at low prices. Over 20,000 titles in CDs, cassettes, and vinyl. All music styles; imports and domestic.
Desc: A Canadian based CD store with worldwide shipping.
North Star Music
Desc: Many styles of music such as Celtic, jazz, piano and holiday.
Desc: CDs, vinyl, and music DVDs from around the world for sale from Italy.
Platten Galerie
Desc: Hundreds of rare vinyl records (LPs, 12" and 7"), CDs and all kind of cartridges by mail order. In German and English.
Desc: Vinyls, CDs, mp3s (direct labels), live DJ mixes and radio emissions. Site based in Paris.
Range Records
Desc: Features compact disc clock box kits. Also sells new and used CDs and vinyl.
Rasputin Music
Desc: Independent music store selling new and used stock, located on the US West Coast.
Record and Tape Traders
Desc: New and used CDs, in multiple locations in Greater Baltimore.
The Record Cellar
Desc: Specializes in digging up the newest and rarest CDs and vinyl records in the music world.
Record Collector / Mojos
Desc: Ireland store selling rare and collectibles CDs and vinyl, and DVDs.
Records Unlimited
Desc: Selling phonograph records, CDs, and 4 track tapes. Specializing in classical and jazz.
Red Moon
Desc: Vinyl records on long playing, 7", 12", compact discs and CD singles. New and second hand items; based in Italy.
Reflex CD
Desc: Newcastle, England shop where everything listed is in stock and shipped within 24 hours.
Rix Records
Desc: New and used CDs, LPs, vinyl singles, and cassette tapes.
Road Records
Desc: Irish online music store specializing in alternative, indie, postrock, electronica, reggae, and punk.
Rockaway Records
Desc: New and used CDs, DVDs, vinyl, books, and rock and roll memorabilia and collectables from Australia.
Desc: Complete catalogs of the Munster, PopLlama, and RockBoss labels; band links, MP3 and streaming audio.
SilverDisc Music
Desc: Retailer of compact discs, DVD, VHS, and cassettes. Specializes in imports, but also carries domestic US labels.
Desc: CD sales from New Zealand with worldwide shipping.
Desc: A Houston-based independent music chain, selling rap, rock, rhythm and blues, dance, and world music.
Strangelove Records
Desc: Rare Japanese discs (CD, vinyl, cassette) and memorabilia. Mainly deals in 80s and 90s British and American indie / alternative / pop music.
Surplus Records
Desc: Catalog of overruns, cutouts, and out of print titles of all formats.
Terry's Picture Discs
Desc: UK seller specializing in picture records, but also carrying vinyl, CDs, videotapes, and sheet music.
Timeless Tracks
Desc: Recording artists from the 50s through to the 80s on CD.
Tuesday Records
Desc: Record and CD sales from a private collector in the UK. Includes rare 80s and 90s Indie Pop items by such artists as Spacemen 3, Sisters of Mercy, and REM.
Twist and Shout
Desc: An independent music store in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of CDs culled from eclectic sources all over the world. Imports, rarities and hard-to-find items.
Vinyl Demand
Desc: Rock and Pop collectible 7", 12" vinyl, CD singles, and video; Will trade for wanted Rush items.
Vinyl Destiny Records
Desc: 5 decades of music available for sale by mail order from the UK.
Desc: Features an online music fair with over half a million items from several UK dealers.
VS Music
Desc: Compact discs including discounts.
Waterloo Records and Tapes
Desc: Provide a large and diverse selection of music from every genre and style.
Whirlin Disc Records
Desc: Specializing in oldies, doowop and country music on 45 LPs, cassette and CDs, mail order service worldwide.
Wishing Well Entertainment
Desc: Specializing in out of print and hard to find music. Free search service for any music related items.
World Party Music
Desc: Import and hard-to-find titles; CD singles; Major and independent artists.

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