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ABC Kids / Themes & Variations
Desc: Elementary music teaching materials - song collections, singing games, action songs, Christmas Concerts, Alphabet Songs, Elementary Music Textbook, Recorder, Orff, Flashcards, Charts, Listening Resource Kits, Recorders and Recorder music
Recorder in the Kodály Classroom
Desc: Teaching recorder to children, based on Kodály educational principles: description of course materials.
Amber Rose Guitar Music
Desc: Tutors, solo, duo and ensemble material at all levels.
Teaching the Folk Guitar
Desc: A step by step method for group instruction.
Tapestry Music
Desc: They specialize in music for educators.
Musicline Publications
Desc: Stage musicals and shows for schools, youth theatres and amateur groups.
Practice and Assignment Piano Book
Desc: Help your students keep up on their instrument practice assignments. By Jeanne Nelson.
The Land of Music
Desc: Tapes and materials for teaching music to young children.
Music Notes
Desc: It publishes "Music You Can Read", a music curriculum for elementary music teachers, home schoolers, or persons interested in learning to read music.
Exploding Art Music Productions
Desc: It is committed to research, promotion and development of music education, specialising in contemporary music practices including music technology and rock music.
Theory Time
Desc: Music workbook for music teaching, music training and music instruction.
Music Educators Marketplace
Desc: Pedagogy products developed by music educators, primarily for piano teachers.
Desc: Educational books, audio materials and software for your music teaching.
PureGold Teaching Tools
Desc: Teaching aids for teachers, parents, students, homeschoolers and music therapists.
Music for Little Folks
Desc: How to Sing and Dance is a research-based Music and Movement Curriculum designed by an educator to help meet the criteria for developmentally appropriate music activities specific to infants-preschoolers.
J. Schubert Publishing
Desc: Arrangements and compositions for elementary, junior high and high school bands. Ordering by form mail.
Music Ducky
Desc: It's a song book to teach music notation, sight reading and singing for kids of all ages.
Suza Music
Desc: Music stickers for educators that reward and motivate, for lessons and recitals. Holidays, animals, sports, stars and religious sticker themes, teaching aids and method books also available.
Play It Again! Music Games
Desc: Non-competitive music theory and practicing games. For students and teachers.
Mayron Cole Piano Method
Desc: Detailed description for this piano and keyboard teaching material for age 6 to adult.
Hal Peterson Music Publications
Desc: Books and information about teaching music using technology.
The Band Director's Handbook
Desc: A guide for teachers of instrumental music.
Music By Arrangement
Desc: Music for orchestras, bands recorder groups and other ensembles specially arranged for the instruments used in schools.
Songs 4 Teachers
Desc: E-book, CD and book with 101 theme-related songs sung to familiar tunes, also chorded for guitar.
Desc: Sells titles arranged specifically for elementary and middle school bands.
Classroom Classics
Desc: Orchestrated songs for school performances: cassettes, CDs and videos.
Musicals For Children - Illumination Tree Publishing
Desc: Orff musicals for children aged 10-adult emphasizing themes of peace and tolerance. For use by teachers, parents and schools.
Desc: A book for classical guitar teachers by Lyra House Music Publications.
EMC Notes
Desc: Elementary music teacher resource manuals. Step-by-step lesson plans with Audio CDs and student reproducibles.
Brummitt-Taylor Music Listening Program
Desc: It's is a daily, non-directed approach to music listening that can be used school-wide or in individual classrooms.
Articulate Music
Desc: Lesson plan music software and resources for music teachers including musical arrangements for traditional and big band instruments.
Rugeri Music Teaching Methods
Desc: Pedagogical literature ranging from the beginning to the advanced level.
Music for Little Folks
Desc: How to Sing and Dance is a research-based Music and Movement Curriculum designed by an educator to help meet the criteria for developmentally appropriate music activities specific to infants-preschoolers. New Site URL!
Drum Lessons Database
Desc: Drums and percussion music education site.Over 400 free drum lessons and drum tabs .
Marc Zoutendijk Percussion Info
Desc: The Percussion Information Site - Exercises for drums, timpani and mallet percussion
Online Saxophone Lessons by Ryan Fraser
Desc: A variety of online saxophone lessons, designed to help both saxophonists as well as music educators looking for information on teaching or learning the saxophone.
New York Philharmonic: Kidzone
Desc: Interactive teaching site for children
Desc: Online Community for Music Educators Worldwide!
Play Music
Desc: Interactive introduction to the orchestra
American Orff-Schulwerk Association
Desc: Music and movement education
Desc: A place where children can learn all about orchestral music, the NAC Orchestra, it's musicians and friends, great composers, conductors, play musical games and activities etc.
Aural Online
Desc: A web based tool for developing aural skills
BBC - Radio 3 - Making Tracks home page
Desc: Interactive music making involving listening, composing, games etc.
Classics for Kids
Desc: A site introducing classical music to children through music, games and stories
ESL Through Music
Desc: Using music to teach ESL - Review of online resources.
Good Ear - Online Ear Training Site
Desc: A free online ear training site.
Children's Music
Desc: Guide to making homemade instruments
Kididdles - Mojo's Musical Mouseum
Desc: Lyrics to well known children's songs - some with audio
Lesson Tutor
Desc: An index of music lesson plans, worksheets,puzzles etc.
Listening Resource
Desc: Resources for guided listening
Desc: Extensive on-line music theory resources.
Desc: Free online jazz, blues, saxophone, and general music lessons by Michael Furstner
Midi in the Classroom
Desc: A guide for teachers and students in the use of MIDI, with developmental activities and links.
MIDI and Music Technology Resources for Teachers
Desc: Resources and downloadable archives
Desc: Songs and music activities for the classroom.
The Music Education Madness Site
Desc: Lesson plans, activities and other resources.
Music Theory For Songwriters
Desc: Advice on the theory of chords and how to build them in sequence.
MusiKinesis Home - Resources on Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Desc: Information, books, and articles on the Jaques-Dalcroze method of music education, including the new book series, Eurhythmics for Young Children.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Desc: Lesson plans, music history and literature.
Dan Shimmyo's Guitar Tips
Desc: Tips on playing the guitar.
Stephen Foster School Of Music
Desc: Free online lessons for the harmonica.
Music Teaching Ideas
Desc: A list of all Music ideas.
Teaching With Popular Music
Desc: Lesson plans, sheet music and other resources.
Becta Communities : TOP Music INSET - Teaching music using ICT
Desc: Advice on eaching music using ICT, and activities linked with the National Curriculum schemes of work (UK).
Teaching Music in the Elementary School
Desc: Books and videos demonstrating lesson plans.
Music For Teaching Spanish to Children and Adults
Desc: Spanish songs with lyrics and audio clips to aid the teaching of Spanish through music.
Boosey & Hawkes Teaching Music to everyone
Desc: Free resource downloads, sheet music, composers' biographies etc.
Suggestions and Ideas for Teaching Music
Desc: A compilation of many ideas contributed by music educators, with suggestions for teaching elementary, secondary, or private instruction music.
The Standards Site
Desc: Schemes of work by QCA for teaching music in accordance with the National Curriculum.
Songs for Teaching
Desc: Educational songs, chants, and raps to teach content across the curriculum to students of all ages.
Gia Music
Desc: A selection of teaching and performance books and CD's for sale.
The Lesson Plans Page
Desc: Lesson Plans and activities.
Teaching Through Technology
Desc: A Web site and instructional television series designed to help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum.
Teaching Music With the MUSIC LESSONS Software Series
Desc: A step by step software course teaching the fundamentals of music, chords and harmony.
Flash Animations for Music History Classes
Desc: A series of sound bites with scores illustratng music through the ages.
Dancing Dots
Desc: Resources for learning and teaching music braille.
Ventura Educational Systems
Desc: An interactive, multimedia music education and appreciation software package linked directly to key areas of the music curriculum.
Musical Games for Teaching Music
Desc: Games designed to be fun and a teaching aid at the same time.
Desc: Classroom tested music that enhances learning across the curriculum.
Piano Teachers Research, a teaching and music education resource
Desc: Piano teachers and instructors music education resource. Piano lesson practice tips. Music terms dictionary. Jazz, Blues and Improvisation lessons, Jazstyles piano course
Music Instruction Software
Desc: Links to free educational music software that will help students master the basics of music--note reading, music theory, ear training, and music history. The page also has a list of instructional material available, online sheet music and web sites related to music education.
Music Teaching Guidance
Desc: Sample lesson plans and other activities suggesting ways to teachmusic to the gifted and talented child.
Desc: Over 5,400 lesson plans, printables, and resources.
Teaching music fundamentals to children - Four Fish Fly Free
Desc: A new educational video series designed to teach music to children from 5-10 years of age.
Discovery School
Desc: Free clip art and teaching materials.
Keyboard and Music Theory
Desc: Free sheet music for piano/synthesizer. Printable cards for teaching music time and rhythm.
Education World
Desc: Free resources and lesson plans.
Desc: Lesson plans, teaching resources and teacher connections.
The Music Rack - Free Sheet Music Downloads
Desc: Free sheet music downloads public domain piano music. Note Spellers, treble clef and bass clef worksheets, music education worksheets. All downloadable sheetmusic is free.
Learn the Descant Recorder
Desc: Music software and books to help with learning to play the recorder or teaching students/children.
Plank Road Publishing
Desc: Original children's songs, recorders, Boomwhackers, CDs, videos, instruments, and other music education resources for school music teachers.
Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia
Desc: Explanation of Kodaly teaching techniques, plus diagrams of solfege hand signs etc.
Score on Line
Desc: Digital Sheet Music Library - a subscription service precisely tailored to the varied requirements of its members and to the needs of teaching music.
eMedia Education
Desc: eMedia Guitar Method series of instructional software. The website includes a fully functional Java chord dictionary with audio playback.
Classical music CDs, sheet music and books - tutti.co.uk
Desc: An online store for classical sheet music, classical CDs, books, teaching materials etc., with free samples to download.
NAACE Primary
Desc: Classroom support materials and activities - focus on the effective use of ict in the Primary classroom.
Music Education Gal Home Page
Desc: Lesson plans, current music education research, recent music education articles, classroom management ideas, and commercial sources for music gifts etc.
Music Education for Young Children
Desc: Teaching ideas, songs, music games and articles.
ESL Partyland
Desc: Resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching with music. There are printable materials for classroom use, lessons, lyrics, and ideas.
The Music Teacher's Resource Site
Desc: Class and group music arrangements and class music projects.
vanBasco Software
Desc: vanBasco Software provides MIDI and Karaoke Software for Windows
Childrens Music Games by Morton Subotnick
Desc: Discover fun and easy ways for children to make music. An evolving environment for online music creation and exploration.
Northumberland NGfL Music Resources
Desc: Lots of interactive resources and information about instruments. The virtual orchestra offers a tour and a quiz.
ICT & Music
Desc: Sir Robert Hitcham's Primary School has very useful ideas on their website. NB. does involve some additional equipment/software.
FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds
Desc: Search the Web for Sounds and musical instrument samples.
Music Teaching Ideas
Desc: Music Lesson ideas and activities.
Out Of The Ark
Desc: Publishers of top quality music for Primary and Pre-Schools.
Naxos Classicals
Desc: Comprehensive music glossary - includes composers.
Desc: Compositions and arrangements presented on moveable tiles of plastic puzzle trays.
The Children's Group
Desc: Award-winning classical music for children including Classical Kids Song of the Unicorn, The Mozart Effect Music for Babies, The Mozart Effect Music for Children
Music and You
Desc: Music and You provides piano lessons using a unique method that completely guides the student. From beginning to Intermediate, Learn songs, theory, blues, exercises and more.
Desc: Virtual Piano Lessons, Academic Information, and Educational Resources.
Fun Music Ideas
Desc: Great resource of teaching ideas and lessons for music education!
Music, The Universal Language!
Desc: Music, the Universal Language, offers music games, lessons, composers, jazz greats, imusic graphics gallery, bulletin board ideas, Kodaly Method and a lot more!
Academician's Home Page
Desc: Lesson plans.
Teaching OnLine Arts Index
Desc: Music & Art lesson plans.
Piano Pedagogy
Desc: Extremely useful articles on teaching piano by Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
The Use of Music and Dance in Teaching U.S. History
Desc: Great ideas for teaching history and music with many useful concepts.
Beginning BASSics
Desc: Guide to learning to play the bass guitar.
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann
Desc: Teaching Traditional Irish Music.
Greg's Music Theory Page
Desc: Guide to the basics of music theory as it relates to the guitar.
Guitar Lessons & Bass Lessons by Mark Stefani
Desc: Vision Music offers high-quality learning resources, including FREE online lessons with George Benson, Wolf Marshall, Liona Boyd, Jimmy Bruno, and many others.
Teaching Index Music You Can Read Kodaly Orff Solfeggio Elementary Music Curriculum
Desc: Lessons and additional information on using the "Music You Can Read" series in the elementary classroom.
Teaching the Folk Guitar - Folk Acoustic Music
Desc: A book and CD series written for the non-professional teacher who wish