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Meg and Dia
Micah Dahl Anderson
the eden express
Benton Paul
Hudson River School
Desc: A rock band from Salt Lake City, Hudson River School, think: Jimmy Eat World | Foo Fighters meets Toad the Wet Sprocket
Half Fast
The Contingency Plan
Desc: ...my screams echo in your brain...
Rich Bischoff Official Website
Desc: You've got it tuned in to the home of singer/songwriter, Rich Bischoff. Bischoff is known for his outstanding guitar musicianship, impressive song writing, raw vocals, and a modern sound. Feel free to surf around the site, listen to music, watch Rich's first music video, and if you're so inclined, you can order Rich's debut album, Mission Stories right here.
Adam Rhinehart
CauseWay Band
Return To Sender
The Trademark Rocks......or something like that
Michael Lucarelli
Desc: Live Classical Guitar Music for Weddings and Corporate Events in Utah
Forgotten Charity
Desc: Up and coming Provo band. Self-described as an emo-rock band. Think Dashboard Confessional meets missionary work.
MusicSites.com : Local Bands : United States : Utah
Desc: Utah
Throwing Randy
Desc: Throwing Randy is an alternative rock feel that captivates audiences with influences of blues, jazz, and classic rock. Oh yeah, and polka?
Desc: The official website of up and coming singer/songwriter John Allred. Awesome acoustic performer.
Desc: This family group plays folk and celtic music. The site provides background information and lists their upcoming concerts.
Russ Kendall
Desc: The singer/songwriter's site includes a signup for joining his mailing list.
Mambo Jumbo
Desc: Latin band from Utah; its site includes sound clips, photos, information on the group's history and musicians, bookings, shows, and contact information.
Julia Davis Allen Band
Desc: The singer/songwriter's band is more of a band and orchestra, creating music one can sample on this site while also checking her concert schedule.
Julie Hill
Desc: Contemporary folk singer/songwriter, and a driving force behind the Farm Folk Fest. Her site includes a biography, performance schedule, and CD information.
Desc: The band includes a violin and cello, and plays music one can sample on this site. There is also a guestbook, and concert information.
Peter Breinholt and Big Parade
Desc: Breinholt plays folk and pop. MP3 samples and concert information are available at his site.
Organic Greens
Desc: Celtic music, with American, Jewish and Mormon folk, and a dash of jazz and folk-rock. This site provides background on the band.
River Ranch Band
Desc: A family country music group. This site includes performance dates and information on each member of the group.
Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand
Desc: The band plays a blend of pop, folk, bluegrass, and jazz, and provided much of the soundtrack for the movie God's Army. This site provides tour information, and information on their CDs.
Shane Jackman
Desc: Folk music with an orientation toward the West. This site includes a biography and information on his recordings and concert schedule.
Desc: Information on the band's upcoming CD, and a means to join their mailing list.
Sunfall Festival
Desc: The group won a recording contract from garageband.com. This site provides information on their music and upcoming activities.
Joey Dempster
Desc: Singer/songwriter's site provides a bio, music, concert schedule, and guestbook.
Debra Fotheringham Home
Desc: Combining rhythmic and energetic acoustic guitar, multi-faceted and insightful lyrics, and a voice that’s been called “clear, clean, and effortlessly melodic,” Debra Fotheringham has emerged on to the music scene as a force to be reckoned with.
Kirby Heyborne
Desc: Popular LDS actor/ musician.
Desc: Stella is a six piece ensemble that plays a wide variety of originals and covers. The music features a rich blend of female and male vocal leads, strong harmonies, driving rhythm and percussion, and diverse musical arrangements.