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List of lyrics sites that feature a search engine and at least 50,000 lyrics.

Find Lyrics
Desc: Over 240,000 Song Lyrics, with new songs added regularly. Searching by artist, album, title or lyrics text. Top Billboard hits updated weekly.
Lyrics Bay
Desc: Huge song lyrics collection - from old school to new school. New popular lyrics are added daily. Search engine is included. No pop-ups.
Sweets Lyrics
Desc: Searchable song lyrics database featuring various kinds of music.
Bold Lyrics
Desc: Music lyrics database with more then 300,000 lyrics.
Smart Lyrics
Desc: Large music lyrics database with over 600,000 music lyrics of all genres.
Search Lyrics
Desc: A-Z listing of artists with search available only on the front page.
All The Lyrics
Desc: Large searchable collection of lyrics. Includes navigation in 6 different languages, a lyrics forum and an option to request lyrics.
Music Babylon
Desc: The site features lyrics, biographies and discographies of popular artists.
Seek Lyrics
Desc: Large lyrics search engine featuring lyrics request and charts for top artists, songs and albums.
Lyrics Time
Desc: Very large song lyrics archive with a search engine and top artist and song charts.
Fresh Lyrics
Desc: Large A-Z searchable lyrics archive.
Lyrics Mode
Desc: Comprehensive music resource which provides lyrics for music compositions. Lyrics Mode has more than 650,000 lyrics for more than 25,000 artists.
Desc: Large lyrics website that includes a search engine, lyrics request and submit options, as well as top lyrics charts from various countries.
Lyrics Freak
Desc: Song lyrics archive that features a search engine where users can search lyrics by artist name, album, song title or the content of the song.
E Lyrics
Desc: Large lyrics website with over 150,000 lyrics from 7,000 artists. The site features a search engine that lets users search by artist, song name and song lyrics.
E Lyrics World
Desc: Lyrics site with 200,000+ song lyrics, 8,000+ artists, bands and collaborations. Site contains a search engine, as well as charts for top lyrics, new lyrics and new albums.
Lyrics 007
Desc: Lyrics database with various artists of all genres organized by artist with a search engine available.
Lyrics Robot
Desc: Search engine that checks other lyric sites for lyrics requested. Also features a combined list of artists from all the sites.
Lyrics Find
Desc: Lyrics organized by artists. Popular artists and search engine available on front page.
Sing 365
Desc: Searchable lyric database of all genres. Includes biographies, discographies, pictures and reviews.
My Lyrics Finder
Desc: Search engine that strictly searches only other lyric websites.
Lyrics Globe
Desc: Searchable database of music lyrics arranged in alphabetical order.
Desc: Lyrics database with a search engine, user registration, song meanings and other features.
Di Lyrics
Desc: Music lyrics database, searchable by artist and song name.
Lyrics Animal
Desc: The site features a large collection of lyrics, lyrics search engine and more.
Lyrics Aholic
Desc: Lyrics search engine that features new lyrics, song meanings and more.
Lyrics Bang
Desc: Lyrics search engine with a large lyrics database.
Music Song Lyrics
Desc: This website lists lyrics to most popular artists and songs, and includes a search engine.
Lyrics Book
Desc: Easy to follow navigation using alphabetical listings of artists and songs. Search engine available.
Lyrics Hits
Desc: Genre collections for new and top song lyrics hits.
Metro Lyrics
Desc: Large lyrics database organized by artist and title alphabetically. Forum, search and requests available.
Lyrics For All
Desc: Lyrics database focused on individual artists. Features artist, albums, lyrics, biography, and fans' links.
Get Lyrics
Desc: Lyrics grouped by artists and albums. Concert tickets and search available.
Best Lyrics
Desc: Contains more then 80,000 lyrics categorized by artist and album.
Lyrical Gangster
Desc: 150,000+ searchable song lyrics of all genres and ages from around the world with an online community for music fans.
House Of Lyrics
Desc: Song lyrics for various artists. Complete album lyrics available.
Quality Lyrics
Desc: Large searchable lyrics database. Song texts of all genres.
Little Lyrics
Desc: Lyrics website featuring a search engine.
Lyrics Angel
Desc: Access to 400,000 lyrics and artists' biography.
Lyrics Look
Desc: Song search engine based on other site's databases.
Lyrics 2 Search
Desc: Lyrics database with over 300,000 lyrics organized by artists alphabetically. Includes top artists and songs.
My Lyrics Central
Desc: Offers the latest news, hottest lyrics, and profiles of music artists.
Desc: Lyrics database organized alphabetically by artist. Also featuring top 50, request, links and a search section.
Lyrics Room
Desc: Simple, easy to navigate lyrics database with a search engine.
Lyrics Search Engine
Desc: A very advanced lyrics search engine with an auto-suggestion tool.
Desc: A simple and clean lyrics website that features a search engine.
Lyrics Dome
Desc: A website providing over 100,000 lyrics. Quick search function available.
Mp3 Lyrics
Desc: Search based lyrics website with a alphabetical listing. Popular lyrics and popular artists available on each page.

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