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Learn music production
Desc: Free learning resources for music producers. Articles, video tutorials, documentaries, reviews, and other tips and tricks for better home recordings.
What equipment needed for home recording studio
Desc: Detailed overview on how to set up your own bedroom recording studio.
Band Director.com-Source for Band Directors
Desc: Site for band directors, with articles by contributing authors
Band Music of the Civil War Era-Library of Congress
Desc: Library of Congress section includes resources and photographs
The Instrumentalist Magazine
Desc: Practical information & innovative ideas for band directors
The Music Education Resource Directory
Desc: Listings of businesses, educational institutions, and merchants.
Desc: Online music theory flash cards to help students learn note names, key signatures, intervals, triads, and notes on the piano and guitar.
Online Practice Record for music students
Desc: A Web program that encourages you to practice by keeping track of your daily practice time, the music you practice, and questions or comments for you and/or your teacher.
Tales From Band Camp
Desc: Fun site for band students (and directors!). Includes weekly cartoons. This is very cute!
Your Personal Singing Guide
Desc: Learn all about singing and other related topics, including how to solve common singing problems and how to develop a great singing voice! Many useful singing tips provided, together with music related resources, provided by a professional vocal coach!
Digital Daydreams Music Resources
Desc: A wide range of information about music theory, history and technology.
Desc: Maintained and developed by the clarinet studio at the University of Memphis. Tutorials in music, reading, and mentors from the Memphis Symphony and the University of Memphis.
The Stringstuff Page
Desc: It talks about string music education, and string orchestra. For string teachers.
International Music Archives
Desc: Music and musical instruments of the world: articles and pictures, categorized geographically.
Glossary of Musical Terms
Desc: A complete and useful glossary.
Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations
Desc: The high standards of The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum are made available and accessible to students around the world through a Certificate Program. Site includes general information, and online applications.
Holly's Music Education Page
Desc: Links to teacher resource sites, job openings, lesson plans, sheet music and supplies.
The Musicland
Desc: An educational site for music resources at GSCE and A-Level, plus online aural tests and a host of other interactive features.
Mariachi Educator's Resource Page
Desc: Educational aids, resources, ideas and discussions for the Mariachi educator.
Music at School
Desc: For secondary music instructors. Free PDF versions of worksheets, plus online lessons and interactive quizzes.
Music K-8 Magazine
Desc: Offers many resources for elementary music teachers.
The Classical Music Navigator
Desc: A service directed primarily toward student and/or novice classical music listeners, and featuring a structure facilitating the identification and linking of composers and their works, styles, and influences.
Desc: An introduction to Schenkerian analysis for undergraduate music students. Includes background, working method glossary and bibliography.
Quiz Hub: Musical Terms
Desc: Match musical terms with their definitions.
Musicians and Injuries
Desc: An article about instrumental injuries, useful for musicians and teachers.
Desc: It offers two articles about musical learning.
Musician's Health
Desc: Educational site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician's injuries.
Technological Directions in Music Learning
Desc: Electronic journal of the Institute for Music Research at the University of Texas. Includes articles and research reports taken from all seven technological directions in conferences.
Lesson Tutor: Music
Desc: It offers articles on music notation, and printable crosswords reinforcing basic notation vocabulary.
Music Education Madness
Desc: For educators of all age levels and areas of expertise. Includes monthly articles, a kids section, and teaching aids.
Pay the Piper
Desc: Detailed advice for children and parents about taking up a musical instrument: what to play, how to buy it, and how to get lessons.
Flashrock: Dictionary and Glossary
Desc: This page offers a music dictionary terminology.
British Journal of Music Education (BJME)
Desc: Aims to provide clear, stimulating and readable accounts of current issues in music education worldwide, together with a section containing extended book reviews.
Bugle Calls
Desc: A variety of bugle call files from the U.S. Army Bands website
Metronome Online
Desc: Virtual metronome.
Music Is..And the Value of Music in Education
Desc: Hard data on the benefits of music in education and everyday life
Musicals101.com - The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musicals
Desc: The history of musical theatre, film and television
Desc: A free program (registration required) that encourages practice by keeping track of daily practice time, the music, and questions or comments for the student and/or teacher.
Taps Bugler
Desc: History of Taps and other bugle calls
PBS: The Blues
Desc: The companion site to film series offers in-depth historical context to the music, musicians and geographical locations introduced in each of the films. Blues lovers, film aficionados, teachers, students, and music fans everywhere will be able to access additional information related to the series and the art form.
Music 4 Education
Desc: Free resources for music classroom teaching. Includes links and discussion board.
Music and Health
Desc: Offers articles on piano teaching and information about musicians' health.
Piano Pedagogy Plus
Desc: This site provides resources for piano teachers in the form of articles, analyses, a discussion forum, video clips, free digital sheet music, and audio clips.
The Texas School Music Project
Desc: Band, choir, orchestra and elementary tips from the music professionals from Stephen F. Austin State University.
Burning Grooves
Desc: Online publication of articles and guides for recording and setting up your studio.
Drum Solo Artist
Desc: Drum Solo Artist Official Site is dedicated to Drum Solo Artists, Drum Solo Techniques, Custom Drums, Custom Drum Setups and Rhythm in General.
Build A Recording Studio
Desc: Guide to building a recording studio or project studio - how to custom-build a computer audio workstation, choose suitable equipment, mixers, sound cards, and recording software.
Visual dictionary - Music
Desc: Where words are defined as pictures, for learning the exact names of objects.
Music Tech Teacher
Desc: Elementary Music Tech classroom in Alabama. The site has student compositions, work, pictures and it will provide resources and information to music teachers interested in using technology to teach music. Discussion board for ideas and feedback.
Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom
Desc: A beneficial music education resource, with photographs and ideas for creative bulletin boards and displays
Gordon Institute for Music Learning
Desc: Non-profit organization advancing the research in music education.
Music Education and Student Self-Concept
Desc: A review of literature concerning music education and student self-concept.
Music Teacher's Resource Site
Desc: Includes lesson ideas, links, reviews, and rounds.
The Piano Education Page
Desc: Resources for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with several hundred pages of free information.
Music Lessons Plus
Desc: Connecting tutors & learners around the globe. Music Lessons Plus supports professional & experienced teachers offering lessons on a one to one basis.
The Tabworld.com
Desc: Visitor written lessons, tips & tricks, how-to's and other articles for guitar, bass, drums and other instruments.

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