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Acoustic Prediction Software
Desc: Our purpose is to provide reliable prediction software for room acoustics.
Desc: Create an instrument sample and acquire them from other samplers. Advanced MIDI importing and exporting features. Create streaming internet music files.
Synth Zone
Desc: Coverage for all type of synthesizers and MIDI controllers , plus all relevant music software and support products.
Desc: Company develops software for audio, music, and multimedia applications for Windows and Amiga computers.
VB's Home Page
Desc: Digital audio software for PC and effects based on plug-in architecture.
Desc: Music software for Windows, Macintosh, and Silicon Graphics platforms. Programs include: Cubase, ReBirth, ReCycle, Wavelab, Nuendo - with real-time FX PlugIns.
Desc: This program sequentially calculates values of musical objects in a composition, while at the same time constructs melodies for each object. Concepts used in the program are: Musical objects, polyphony, harmony, melody, MIDI, harmony, and graphical representation.
Square Circle Software
Desc: Audio software and loop tools for Windows, automating the process of editing samples. Products include WaveSurgeon and Mobius.
Sonic Spot
Desc: A comprehensive music and audio software library with detailed descriptions, reviews, screen shots, links and downloads for shareware, freeware and commercial software.
Desc: Software application technology from Creative that gives dynamic visual expression to music and offers a whole new way of experiencing Internet Music.
Desc: Utility for encoding, decoding, and playing MP3 and RealAudio files, with built in CD ripper and ID3 tag editor. Also supports CD audio and MIDI files.
Desc: An interactive musicians environment for Pentium and Pentium II computers running Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Software for real-time sound synthesis, music composition and audio processing.
J. W. Pepper Music Network
Desc: Sheet music and music books; music software products; music teaching tools.
Desc: Realtime MIDI accompaniment system that plays bass and drum notes instantly responding to the chords you play to the song style on your keyboard.
Desc: Web page of the music creation/remix software, with product information, technical support and online ordering.
Desc: Style enhancer processes MIDI files to add human performance characteristics. They offer both a stand alone version of their performance modeling software as well as a Cakewalk MIDI plugin.
PG Music
Desc: Makers of Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks, The Modern Jazz Pianist, The Latin Pianist, more MIDI software for Mac and IBM.
Sion Software
Desc: QuickScore Elite and Copyist, award-winning music composition, arranging, notation, MIDI sequencing and recording software.
Time And Space
Desc: Detailed online catalogue of the sample CD producers, plus details of their music software.
Desc: Brings you information about your favorits music machines, links and live webcam.
Sonicle Audio
Desc: WebSynth audio product line. Freeware version, new audio file format, support for scalable quality, pluggable decoders, (G723, MPeg, AU, WAV).
QSound Labs, Inc.
Desc: A leading audio technology company, specializing in software products for 3D audio, virtual surround sound, MP3 and Internet audio.
Professional Sound Projects
Desc: VST plug-ins.
CDDB-Enabled CD Players
Desc: A list computer CD players using the Gracenote/CDDB service to look up title, artist, and track-info.
AudioVeda-ePAC Music Player & Encoder
Desc: An ePAC player/encoder that is available for free download, along with news and some free music downloads.
Desc: Digital effects software for musicians. Can work "live" on microphone input, or on prerecorded WAV files.
CD Studio
Desc: Audio grabber that works with Media Player.
Desc: Software for radio programming and broadcasting (mac and pc).
Sampled Sensations - Tracking Studio
Desc: A tracker under development with a realtime effects processor.
TSP Lab Software
Desc: Audio signal processing software.
Desc: An electronic and computer music maker. A new form of shared sound synthesis and elaboration, an attempt to use the Web for new forms of sonic collaboration between musicians.
Music By Ear
Desc: Provides instructional multimedia CDs, as well as general music CDs from specific artists. Broadband enhancements are provided for those with high speed connections.
Desc: Music software and hardware for the PC with free demos.
DFX Power Technology
Desc: Contains information about the DFX MP3 audio enhancement Plug-Ins.
Desc: Unique mp3 and soft synthesizer software.
Computers and Music
Desc: Music store that specializes in MIDI and digital audio systems for home and professional use.
Desc: Want to put sound on your web site without the plug-ins, error messages, and impossible to use interfaces? Here it is.
Desc: For users of Cubase VST instruments, free instrument banks for download, submit your own, links and info.
Desc: Audio tools and utilities for audio conversion, playback, DJ mixing, CD audio extraction, sound editing and more.
Desktop Music
Desc: Software for guitar and banjo players.
Desc: Musicians reporting tool for organizing and maintaining gig information.
Cool Conductor
Desc: Computer music software that allows one to interactively modify the playback of midi files.
T-RackS 24
Desc: [Win - Mac] Audio mastering software: feature description, demos, screenshots, support and FAQ area, and order information.
Future Hits
Desc: Features a variety of downloadable software, including CD grabbers, MP3 encoders, emulators and more.
Harmony Central
Desc: Newest product announcements and industry news, with an excellent musician's resource of reviews and links. Highly recommended.
Hit Squad
Desc: Over 2,300 free music software downloads for over 7 different platforms are available. Also featured are over 2,000 guitar links plus tablature, sheet music, music books and online discussion forums.
Kind of Loud Technologies
Desc: Markets software that allows multi-channel surround sound panning to Pro Tools; users may create mixes for all 5.1 formats including Dolby Digital, DTS, or DVD.
The Music Business Store
Desc: Software for Musicians and Music Industry Professionals from Patten Sound. Record Company In A Box, Tour Manager, Music Business Contracts, and Studio Business Forms.
Loop Creation Software
Desc: FruityLoops is a Drum Loop creator software available for PC. Beside drum loops, lots of other options have been added including a TB303 syntheziser module (Rebirth alike module). Cheap but powerful. Comes with MIDI sync and support for VST plug-ins.
Musical Software
Desc: Sells music software, music books, educational materials and music teaching software at discounted prices. Secure online ordering or phone orders are accepted.
Ponnu Chamy Music
Desc: Free professional music synthesizer and composer software.
MTLC Music Software
Desc: An introduction to music software and the various commercial vendors, from a online retailer.
Note Chaser: Musical Transcription Assistant
Desc: A program for trascribing music from CD tracks. It allows users to display the frequencies of notes and play selections at full or half speed.
Desc: A program that represents music graphically in real time as coruscating field of fog and glowing lines. It is intended as a visual accompanyment to music.
RHIME - Interactive Music Remixing
Desc: Interactive music technology allows users to audition musical performance elements such as drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals from various mixes and then rearrange them to create unique remixes.
Desc: A utility that converts WAV files into System Exclusive MIDI dumps for the Roland S-550 digital sampler. Freeware.
Swar Systems
Desc: Features SwarShala, software for creating music using Indian melodies and scales. Supports up to 8 instruments.
Propellerhead Software
Desc: Makers of the commercial software packages ReBirth and ReCycle.
Sfx Audio Compiler System
Desc: An audio compiler system that provides professional-quality audio synthesis, real-time Midi and audio generation, fully customizable instruments and effects, and SoundFont 2 support.
SpinStation - Software for DJs
Desc: Software designed for professional DJs. SpinStation allows you to mix, cut and blend just like turntables or CD mixers.
Swift Band
Desc: A visual MIDI Editor and MIDI Keyboard software for Win95/98 that is available for download.
Desc: A portal featuring audio software that plays and records MP3s, Real Audio, and Windows Medial Player files.
Desc: A portal site devoted to tracking. A large variety of tracking software is available for download, much of it freeware.
Neuratron Software
Desc: Creates software that scans sheet music and converts it to MIDI sequences.
Desc: Develops, markets and sells interactive audio solution. Hosts a community site for users.
Sound Processing Kit
Desc: Online documentation and software distribution.

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