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BigEye Music Center - Classical Composers
Desc: Information about composers, their life and works.
Classical Archives, LLC
Desc: Contains thousands of classical music files in MIDI format as well as live recordings. New contributions are solicited. A search engine is included. Suggests books, links to free sheet music, alphabetical index, featured composers.
Classical Composer Archive
Desc: 1500 pictures, 450 biographical sketches; alphabetical, nationality, and chronological indexes; composer of the day.
Classical composer biographies
Desc: by Michael Norrish.
4Classical: Composers
Desc: [links] From 4anything.com.
Classical Composers
Desc: Links from Mississippi Public Radio.
Classical Composers Database
Desc: Listing with over 1350 entries. Includes on-site and remote links to biographies, discographies, and various analyses of style and methodology. Links and contributions accepted.
Classical Music Composer Database
Desc: Name, nationality, birth and death dates, pronunciation and links for 3000+ composers.
Classical Music Dictionary: Composers
Desc: Information on composers, works by genre, MIDI and MP3 files. Available in several languages.
The Classical Music Pages
Desc: Excellent database of composer biographies and other music history materials.
Classical Music Videos Online - Watch Classical Music Videos
Desc: View and download online composer information and classical music audio clips and opera videos by famous composers.
Classical Net: Composer Master List
Desc: Short biographies with discography.
Classical Net: Composers
Desc: Extensive link collection.
Composer Profiles
Desc: Listing and links to biographies of artists represented by European American Music Corporation, Helicon Music Corporation, or Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Desc: Brief biographies with recommended recordings by Naxos-HNH.
Conservatory: Classical Music at Heart's Ease
Desc: A carefully edited introduction to the composers, history, culture, and music of the medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern classical periods. Detailed with considerable background material, illustrations, and commentary.
Decca Music Group Composers List - Classical Music Composers
Desc: Composers from various periods including the 20th and 21st centuries.
Famous Classical Composers
Desc: A sampling of the men who composed some of the most familiar orchestral music. Includes a summary of their popular pieces and illustrations.
Grifor's Eyrie - Charles A. Grifor, President of International House (of) Computers: his Music, Poetry and Writing
Desc: Home page of Charles A. Grifor, President of International House (of) Computers, VP of Squeaky Sam's Internet Services, Owner of the Commodore Forum at Delphi Internet, poet, writer, dreamer, teacher, and cat person.
Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Composers
Desc: Links to sites on individual composers as well as those of more general interest.
Canadian Music Centre
Desc: Composers biographies, bibliography, lending library, and resources for promotion of Canadian composers' works.
I Write The Music
Desc: A music portal for composers.
Tim's Classical Music Database
Desc: Includes 2800 composers with their recommended works, performances, and CDs.
Composers Page (Composers.Net)
Desc: a growing database of composer biographies.
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
Desc: Includes timelines, birthdays, essays, links, contact information, and gift shop. Search by date or name.
Desc: Biographies of some of the greatest composers, plus wave and MIDI files of some of their works.
Hungarian composers
Desc: Comprehensive set of links.
Desc: Alphabetical index of names with birth and death dates. Comprehensive.
Composers of African Descent
Desc: A brief discography of classical music by African, African American, and African European composers.
Composers and Composition
Desc: From UCLA.
The Madness Behind the Music
Desc: Contains information about the madness and creativity of some famous composers.
Classical Music Composers Index
Desc: Birth and death dates, pronunciation, and nationality of composers.
Island of Freedom: Composers
Desc: Biographies, illustrations, and links for more than 15 composers. MIDI audio on selected pages.
Kunst der Fuge
Desc: A site of theory on fugues, contains MIDI files by classical and jazz composers, and pages dedicated to J.S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven with biographies, and images.
Music History 102: A Guide to Western Composers and their Music
Desc: Internet Public Library entry categorizes according to musical period, including Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century. Includes Real Audio RAM files.
Musician Dates
Desc: Includes birth and death dates alphabetically by name and chronologically, the histories of music, Christian church music, and Jewish music, and musical terms.
Desc: More than thirty concise biographies from the Renaissance Period through the Twentieth Century. Each with artist's portrait or photograph.
Royal Holloway Music Deptartment's Golden Pages
Desc: Extensive listing of resources relating to composers of different genres.
mfiles: Composers
Desc: Classical, contemporary, and film Composers, with biographies, major works, influences and styles, CD reviews, free sheet music, MIDI and MP3 files.
Timeline: Chronology of Selected Composers
Desc: Representative listing from the 14th century onward with links to music in MIDI, MP3, WMA formats.
The Timid Soul's Guide to Classical Music
Desc: Arizona Republic columnist James Reel's introduction for those not familiar with the subject. Includes biographies and the essays Classical Music and Onions and A Guide to Classical Listening.
Unknown Composers Page
Desc: Introduction to relatively unknown or forgotten composers.
Violin Composers
Desc: Online articles and discussions about composers from Baroque to modern periods.
What to Listen for in Music
Desc: Series of Kennedy Center lectures by Dr. Michael Broyles in AU audio format with transcripts. Includes music history with emphasis on classical and romantic composers.
ccm composers-classical-music com
Desc: Composer bios and recommended music.

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