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Wipe Out Music Ltd
Desc: British independent music publisher specialising in punk, indie.
Hip Son Music
Desc: An electronic music publishing and music licensing company from Boston USA.
Cathedral Stone Music Publishing
Desc: Original music by Mike Braithwaite, providing songs to the music industry as an artist, and to other musicians, groups, artists and record companies.
Acoma: Classical Music Scores
Desc: Listen to the music in MP3 audio or download free score samples in Adobe Acrobat. Information for institutional orders.
Alan Publishing Group
Desc: Music publishing, and musician services. International distribution.
Alliance Publications, Inc.
Desc: Educational and professional music, liturgical, and Czechoslovakian classical and folk music.
A-R Editions, Inc.
Desc: It publishes modern critical editions of scholarly music and a computer music series and provides a full range of typesetting for books and journals.
Desc: Classical music for band, wind ensemble and chorus. Representing historical and contemporary composers.
Desc: Publishes classical music works of belgian composers. Also music engraving services from the simple melodic line to large ensembles.
Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
Desc: Sacred music, by a catalog which represents over 150 composers, arrangers and lyricists of church music.
Boosey and Hawkes
Desc: International music publisher. Site includes information on reselling, composers, and procedures for permissions and copyright.
Bärenreiter´s World of Music
Desc: German classical music publisher.
Brixton Publications
Desc: Concert music for student and professional musicians. Solos, duos, and chamber music for all instruments. Site includes catalog and contact information.
C. Alan Publications
Desc: Percussion music including solo and ensemble, ranging from middle school to college level.
CanticaNOVA Publications
Desc: Catholic music publishing firm that specializes in music for the contemporary Church. Online catalog, and liturgical planning pages.
Caritas Music Publishing
Desc: Home of Eschenbach Editions, Caritas Music Library and Caritas Records; music publishing, recording, and media supplies.
Carlin America
Desc: Independent music publishing conglomerate, with a catalog of pop, rock, country, showtune and standard song classics for the entertainment industries.
Desc: [Stuttgart-Germany] Classical music publisher.
Cherry Lane Music Group
Desc: [New York] Sheet music and books about pop and rock music.
Chester Ltd. Novello & Company Ltd.
Desc: Classical music publishers. Site offers information on the composers they represent (including Lutoslawski, Maxwell Davies, Tavener, Nyman, Weir, Henze) and their works.
Colla Voce Publications
Desc: Dedicated to conservative, Christ-honoring sacred vocal music. Includes PDF and MIDI samples.
Cormorant Press Music Publishers
Desc: Music publishers offering music that can be downloaded.
Cortelu Music
Desc: Specializes in contemporary classical music: site includes information about the composers, and the catalog.
CWJEF Music Publications
Desc: Distributors of scores, books, reference and instructional materials on music, art and the cultures of Central-West Africa. Catalogue and ordering information.
David E. Smith Publications
Desc: Sacred instrumental music for church and school musicians, graded solos and ensembles all instruments.
Dellamano Music Publishing
Desc: Publishing new original music in the following categories: cantatas, octavos,vocal solos, piano and pipe organ. Ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.
Devachan Music
Desc: A music publishing company owned by Mark Simos, a tunesmith, songwriter, dance fiddler, and traditional accompanist on piano and guitar.
E.C. Schirmer Publishing
Desc: Selling music from other publishers, as well as their own classical music.
Edition HH Ltd
Desc: Critical editions of primarily Italian, 18th century concertos, and contemporary scores.
Edition Samfundet
Desc: The Society for the Publication of Danish Music, one of Denmark's oldest publishing houses. Site includes catalog, company history, and contact information.
Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Desc: 144 years old music publishing house and a part of The Music Sales Group of Companies.
Eighth Note Publications
Desc: Printed music for concert band, wind solo and ensembles, strings, keyboard, choral and percussion.
Elkin Music Publisher
Desc: Music supplier of foreign and U.S. publications, printed music, and books on music.
Euro American Music Distributors
Desc: International publishers of classical music.
Fatrock Ink
Desc: Offers a specialty catalogue focusing on repertoire for solo harp, chamber music with harp, music for harp and/or string students, and works by 20th Century American Composers.
Fibonacci Publishing
Desc: European publisher for contemporary and classical music, pedagogical methods.
G. Schirmer, Inc.
Desc: It is a member of the Music Sales Group of Companies. It publishes sheet music of opera, orchestra, band and wind ensemble, chorus and chamber music.
Gordon Music
Desc: Christian music publishing of piano/keyboard music, choral music, and lead sheets.
G.Ricordi & Co
Desc: German branch of BMG Ricordi Music publishers. Full information about contemporary composers, works, scores and sheet music, with newsletter in English language.
Hal Leonard Online
Desc: Sheet music, music books, software and videos.
Harmonic Progress, Inc.
Desc: Christian music publisher.
Hawthorns Music
Desc: They specialise in music for recorders and editions of early music.
International Music Co.
Desc: It publishes a wide catalog of music for all instruments; catalogs are available for downloading.
Kallisti Music Press
Desc: It publishes unusual classical music new and old.
Kalmus Music Publisher
Desc: It publishes nostalgia, concert, masters, and other series of music.
LarAsh Music
Desc: Featuring the music of the American composer Greg Sanders.
Latham Music Enterprises
Desc: Music for string, brass, and sacred choral ensembles.
Learn To Play Music
Desc: Instructional books, CDs, DVDs and videos for a wide range of musical instruments and styles.
Leisure Planet Music
Desc: Publishes contemporary and experimental music. Site includes catalog and information about the composers.
Masters Music Publications
Desc: Rare out of print music for band/wind ensemble, piano, vocal and orchestra.
Mayfair Music Online
Desc: Classical, adult contemporary and folk music.
Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Desc: It publishes a wide catalog of sheet music for all instruments and styles.
MPL Communications
Desc: Publishes popular music.
The Music Makers
Desc: [London, UK] Offers a catalog of liturgical music for the Roman Catholic church.
Music Publishers Addresses
Desc: Directory of Music publishers maintained by MPA. Note that while the site is not up to date, it is an extensive list of hundreds of music publishers.
Natzler Enterprises Publishing
Desc: UK magic book publisher, wholesaler, retailer and distributor.
NERA Publishing
Desc: [UK] Sheet music for piano, strings, wind, voice, orchestral, musicals.
On Jordan's Banks
Desc: Specializing in liturgical church music, they have printed sheet music and recordings.
Peer Music Classical Europe
Desc: Contemporary classical music since 1948: site includes catalog and company information.
Peter R. Birkby Publishing
Desc: [UK] Online catalogue of publications with some audio examples, and contact information.
Peters Edition Ltd
Desc: After 200 years of music publishing, they can offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of sheet music currently in print.
Desc: Vanity music publisher based in the UK, dealing with inexperienced artists worldwide. Service details and prices, contact information.
Queen's Temple Publications
Desc: Specialist publisher of wind chamber music. Large range of music for performance and for educational purposes.
River Dee Publishing
Desc: Honor code source for solo and choir music, musical dramas, and recordings. Audio samples provided.
Schott Musik International
Desc: International publisher: corporate information, dealer contact information, and catalogs.
SongAria Publications
Desc: Arrangements of classical music for a variety of instrumental combinations that can be played back on line. (it requires the Scorch Plug in)
Desc: An internet based music publishing company for artists, and producers.
Spacewave Music
Desc: Specializing in instrumental music. (ASCAP)
Desc: French company publishing contemporary and ancient music. Site includes catalog, and information about other services offered.
Tap Space Publications
Desc: Contemporary music for marching and concert percussionists and educators.
Theodore Presser Company
Desc: Serving musicians, music educators and music dealers since 1783.
Titan Country Music
Desc: TCM is looking for quality songs/lyrics/poems for publishing and recording. Free critiques for all and free co-writing for select lyrics and poems.
Travers Publishers
Desc: Features Polish instrumental music. Site includes MIDI samples and company information.
Trollcastle Publishing
Desc: Publisher of music education, composing, arranging, sound design books and CDs.
Una Aria Music
Desc: Dedicated to the pop, country, and inspirational genres.
Ventureserve Publishing
Desc: Publishes individuals musical works.
Verlag Neue Musik / Edition Margaux
Desc: Based in Berlin (Germany), specializing in contemporary music, offering printed music, books, CDs, rental material for chamber ensembles and orchestras. Also music for classical guitar.
Vivace Press
Desc: Publishes works from unknown classical women composers.
Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Desc: One of the world's largest music publishers.
Wehr's Music
Desc: Small publisher with over 200 titles in various styles for chamber ensembles, from solos to wind ensemble.
Wildcat Music
Desc: Music from the 50's and 60's. A history of what made them hits letters to and from the writers, artists and publishers as the songs were being composed and marketed.
Wimbledon/Trigram Music, Inc.
Desc: Specializing in music for brass, woodwinds, piano, and method books. Site includes catalog, and ordering information.
Wolfmusic Publications, Ltd.
Desc: A classical music publisher whose mission is the publication of piano music that has been previously unavailable in modern notation.

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